Tomb Raider Items by Various Creators

Lara Croft Leather Cases with and without Guns by Bella3lek4

Athletic Top, Angel of Darkness Top, Classic Lara Top by Frisbud

Lara Croft Manor - HUGE interior, built after the Tomb Raider Legend Manor + "Treasurehunt" minigame! By Slipslop

Lara Croft's Mansion - Film and Underworld Structure By Alessiae65

New Non-Default Lara Croft BodyShape Mesh By RoguePilot

Croft Manor by Alan_Gast

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Underworld Sim by Rosalie_Q

10 Tomb Raider Outfits by dhampir1313

Lara Croft Gun Belt/Shorts by Rose Sims

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