Tales of Symphonia Zelos Wilder Cosplay Costume

Is Zelos Wilder in Tales of Symphonia anime the character you are going to portray at the cosplay show? Here we offer you nice Tales of Symphonia Zelos Wilder Cosplay Costume. Just take a look.

Zelos Wilder wears a pink jacket, a black shirt and a pair of white trousers. The pink jacket is a sleeveless one and has golden trimming. You can see six black buttonholes which are connected with a long purple ribbon. Inside the jacket, there is a black v-neck shirt. The white long pants with a belt looks great with the jacket. Of course, the black gloves are also included.

Picture from: flickr.

To be a real Zelos Wilder, do not forget to pick a Cosplay Wig to complete your look. We provide you with fabulous Zelos Wilder Cosplay Wig. Besides, Zelos Wilder uses a sword as his weapon. You also can find it at our site.

Our products are all made in good quality. The Zelos Wilder Cosplay Costume is made of comfortable fabric which is also durable.The Zelos Wilder Cosplay Wig from us looks and feels quite like human hair. It is easy to wash and has no harm to your hair and body.

Picture from: flickr.

We promise what you get from us is superior. Custom made services are available. Besides, you also can benefit a lot from our cheap prices and free shipping. Contact us if any questions.

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