Colonel Muska, Mask, and Itachi By Yoncy/Bancy

These items can be found at Yoncy's Blog.

The Kakashi item featured on the page was previously showcased and can be found here.

There is also another sim on the page which when translated says it is a Prince of Tennis Character. Google translates it as Jordan Gold but I could not find a character by that name and various translation programs have given various things but no names. If someone knows who it is please leave a comment. I have not added him because I was uncertain if he was an actual character from the show or an original character. I still have not gotten around to watching it yet. ^_^

Yoncy's Blog is in another language. If you translate the page using google and click on the links, it will give you an error message. Not sure why this happens with google and translated pages but it does. The Media Fire links are in English and are easy to find so translation of the page is not needed.

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