Tales of Symphonia Richter Abend Cosplay Costume

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Are you fascinated by the cool guy Richter Abend in Tales of Symphonia? Are you going to play him in your Tales of Symphonia cosplay show? If so, come to us. we are dedicated to make you the same as characters in the comic and animation or fantasy games. Cosplay Costumes of Decus, Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi have been introduced. Here we will focus on Tales of Symphonia Richter Abend Cosplay Costume.

The costume that Richter Abend wears is black and swallow-tailed which indicates the seriousness, conscientiousness and sanctity of a man. The shirt inside is white with round stiff collar and there is a delicate red belt tied around the collar. The outerwear is designed like the swallowtail. All the edges of the collar, sleeve cuffs and swallowtails are decorated with silver rims.

The cuffs of the sleeve have short slits which can be easily pulled up. Then, the white shirt sleeves are showing. Moreover, a pair of black trousers and leather shoes is most suitable for you. You can wear a pair of brown gloves which will keep you from the coldness. We provide you various sizes of gloves here. You can select the fitted ones for yourself.

Picture from: cosplay.

Richter Abend has red hair that makes him especially charming. We offer you quality Richter Abend Cosplay Wig and Cosplay Weapon. Just take a look!

You can have your Richter Abend cosplay costume customized here. We assure good quality, precision craftsmanship and exquisite details. With our costume, you surely will look the same as Richter Abend at the cosplay show. We offer cheap prices and free shipping. Get the best deal by clicking the picture below now!

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