Tales of Symphonia Marta Lualdi Cosplay Costume

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Wanna get fabulous Tales of Symphonia Cosplay Costumes? Tales of Symphonia Emil Castagnier Cosplay Costume and Tales of Symphonia Decus Cosplay Costume have already introduced to you. Here we offer you Tales of Symphonia Marta Lualdi Cosplay Costume. If you want to look beautiful and adorable with stunning costume, just take a look here.

Our Tales of Symphonia Marta Lualdi Cosplay Costume includes a coat and a pair of white shorts. The bright white coat is decorated with red and pink colors. No matter the tunic belts, the bracelet cuff or the round elastic hem of the white clothes, they are all designed to be in red color.

Let’s first focus on the red fitted belts. They are embedded in front of the chest and in the middle part of the two sleeves which echo the red sleeve cuffs and the red clothes hem over a distance. Then you should pay attention to the pink ribbon around the collar, on both shoulders and sleeves, as well as at the edge of the front part of the placket. These three colors make Marta Lualdi’s costume more fashionable, bright and comfortable. There’s one more thing you may notice is the big white bowknot sticking in the middle of the front part of the costume. You are recommended to wear a pair of black stockings and a pair of brown cotton fabric nylon boots which will make your legs more long and beautiful. Our Marta Lualdi Cosplay Costume comes with quality fabrics which are comfortable and durable. We offer custom made services.

Picture from: cosplay.

Marta Lualdi has light orange hair and uses a saw-like spinner as her weapon. To complete your look vividly, we provide you with Tales of Symphonia Marta Lualdi Cosplay Wig and Cosplay Weapon.

Our Marta Lualdi Cosplay Costume will make your dream Marta Lualdi come to your real life. We offer cheap prices and free shipping. Buy gorgeous Cosplay Costume by clicking the picture below. Hope you have great fun in your cosplay show.

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