Last post !~~

It has been 2 years since the first post but yea sad to say it's time to close down Let's Cosplay.

I'm really happy that 210 people who has the same common interest are following this blog.
more than 566042 people has viewed this cosplay blog.
and 300++ anime/manga/game series of cosplay was posted.
Really thank you guys for the supports !!~

The reason I'm closing this blog is not because I'm no longer interested in cosplay.
I still wants to share more more more awesome photos with you guys.
But posting photos without permission is just so so wrong ..
that's why I wants so badly to find out those cosplayers and feature them here..
but there's too many awesome cosplayers outside there.. it's just endless ..
Until I figure out away to get permission to feature and share cosplay photos..
this will be the last post from this blog.

Anyway, although this blog will be closed down but I bet there's more more more cosplay albums and websites out there~
Don't ever stop loving cosplay !!
Spread the love of COSPLAY !! ♥♥♥♥♥

NOTE : This blog will stay but all the contents will be deleted... slowly.

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