Let'sCosplay! Banner Collection

Any creative ideas about Let's Cosplay Banner?
Let's Cosplay Banner will be change monthly or weekly .. depends.

With the size 900 x 235 make a new banner for Let's Cosplay in your own style.
and do remember to include your name/signature on it.. as a credit for yourself.
Please do ask for permission before using someone else artwork or photos =)

Send it to letscosplay@gmail.com

Thank you so much to those who send in their creative banners =D

??/?? -- by Ryea

10/12/09 -- by LittleYuki

21/12/09 -- by Ryea

3/3/10 -- by Ryea

29/3/10 -- by Ryea

22/8/10-- by Ryea

5/9/10 -- by Ryea

1/10/10 -- by Ryea

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