Acceralate FreeBSD/AMD64 Port

Good news from FreeBSD porting team!

Maho Nakata's post to dev/AT/ on May 18th told us some great developments on FreeBSD/AMD64 porting efforts.

One is that Carlos Eduardo dontated a FreeBSD/AMD64 access for him.

"Hope it acceralates FreeBSD/amd64 port of Huge inputs from OOo community esp. kendy for porting OOo to GNU/Linux amd64 make this tremendously easier," maho said.

Another one, "OOo+FreeBSD/AMD64 current status," is that Jung-uk Kim submitted a complete patch(es) to compile OOo for FreeBSD/amd64.

"We are now doing thorough investigations, and I'll create a cws for it. Some parts of patches had already been committed to ports cvs repo, but not yet complete," maho said.
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