Speculation on Sun Google and

ZDNet has a blog piece of speculating on an "AJAX-based version of OpenOffice.org":
"Much the same way that more Web sites make browsers more useful, and the way more Bittorrent servers make Bittorent clients more useful, AJAX will make OO.o more useful because, by virtue of solutions that we haven't seen or heard of yet (some of which will undoubtedly come out of the Sun-Google relationship), the number of people (aka: the size of the community) who can interact with OO.o-generated documents at any time, from any place, using any browser will probably be greater than the sum total of all users who have both OO.o and Microsoft Office."

eWeek also has an article on the speculation:
"Sources close to the joint efforts between Google Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. say rampant speculation about hosted desktop productivity offerings and common operating systems is way off base."

Further commentary on the eWeek article is also available:
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